National Black Dog Day: 1st October 2018




So what is the day all about?

“Black dog syndrome” is a phenomenon in which black dogs are not adopted in the same numbers as other lighter coloured animals.  The number of reasons I have heard bandied around for this over the last few days in the lead up to today have really made me wonder what goes on in people’s minds!?

Apparently black dogs tend to look “scary or angry”, they don’t have the readable expressions of other dogs, and the final straw for me…they don’t look good in photographs!!!!  Eh?!?!?!


The “black dog” is talked about a lot in the world of mental health too…

The phrase “black dog” is often associated with depression and the all too common fight against poor mental health following Winston Churchill using the phrase in this way. Indeed there is now a registered charity called “Dancing With the Black Dog” which works to combat the stigma of anxiety and depression by encouraging sufferers with the tag line “its ok no to be ok”


The Statement Photography view of “the black dog”

As many of our followers know Statement Photography specialises in a couple of areas (country sports and gym fitness) with dog photography being a real passion of mine. Only around 2 months ago we acquired our very own black dog called Pepper – then she was an 8 week old tiny black Lab…now she is a lot bigger and definitely not camera shy! (Was she ever going to be camera shy really??)


Mental health is something I have also suffered from and I know exactly how debilitating depression and anxiety can be.  I can also say with absolute certainty that having our very own little black “Statement Pup” helps massively with my symptoms on a daily basis…this pup never fails to make me smile.  She is the most loving and fun bundle of black fur I have ever known and I thank my lucky stars every day that she came to live with us.  This reason alone makes me want to shout out to anyone who is looking to adopt a dog – GO AND ADOPT THE LITTLE BLACK ONE!  The other reasons that I have heard for the lower numbers of black dogs adopted – well I’ll just set the record straight with some photographs I have taken of black dogs and let you all decide for yourselves…


Scary or angry? “Please throw the ball for me!  I’ll even smile for the camera!”


Lacking in readable expressions?

“It wasn’t me.  Nope.  Prove it blanket police!”



Dont look good in photographs?  “Really??”





So what do you think – “scary or angry”, “lacking in readable expressions”?, “don’t look good in photographs”??  Feel free to comment or share the post to show your support for the black dog!